“A flock of sheep – covered in healthy wool – frolic in a field with their young lambs.”

More Sheep Vocabulary:

  • Baa (verb): the sound made by a sheep.
  • Bleat (verb): to make a low, plaintive cry, like a sheep.
  • Ewe (noun): an adult female sheep.
  • Flock (noun): a group of sheep.
  • Grazing (verb): the act of feeding on grass or other vegetation.
  • Lamb (noun): a young sheep.
  • Mutton (noun): the meat of a mature sheep.
  • Ram (noun): an adult male sheep.
  • Shear (verb): to cut off the wool from a sheep.
  • Shepherd (noun): a person who tends and guards sheep.
  • Sheepdog (noun): a dog trained to herd and guard sheep.
  • Shorn (verb): having been shorn of its wool.
  • Wool (noun): the soft, thick hair of a sheep.
  • Wooly (adjective): having a thick coat of wool.
  • Woolen (adjective): made of or resembling wool.

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