“A majestic lion with a beautiful mane surveys the world around him.”

Lion facts and vocabulary:

  • The collective noun for a group of lions is pride.
  • A young lion is called a cub.
  • A female lion is known as a lioness.
  • The male lion grows a mane.
  • Lions are native to Africa and India.
  • Lions spend around 20 hours a day resting – and nearly an hour a day eating!
  • The lion is known as a hypercarnivore. A hypercarnivore is an animal that has a diet that is more than 70% meat.
  • Lion’s prey includes wildebeest, zebra, deer, giraffe and buffalo.

More expressions featuring lions:

  • Lion’s Share – Idiom – The largest part.
  • Put Yourself In The Lion’s Mouth Idiom – To put yourself in a dangerous or risky situation.
  • The Lion’s Den – Idiom – A dangerous or hostile place or situation.

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