“Passengers sit on each side of the aisle on their daily commute via bus – a common form of public transport.”

Different Types of Public Transport:

  • Bus: a large vehicle that carries passengers along a fixed route.
  • Cable car: a vehicle that is pulled up and down a steep hill or mountain by a cable.
  • Ferry: a boat or ship that carries passengers or vehicles across a body of water.
  • Light rail: a type of urban public transportation system that uses electric-powered trains on tracks.
  • Monorail: a railway in which the train runs on a single track.
  • Taxi: a vehicle that carries passengers for a fee, usually on short trips.
  • Tram: a vehicle that runs on rails in the streets, usually in an urban area.
  • Train: a vehicle that runs on tracks and carries passengers and freight.
  • Trolleybus: an electric bus that runs on overhead wires.
  • Underground: a railway system that runs beneath the surface of a city. In various different regions this is also known as a subway or metro.

In The News:

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