Impostor! A litter of inquisitive puppies greet a strange new friend.”

More Puppy Vocabulary:

  • A litter is a group of young animals born to the same mother at the same time. This is usually used to with mammals, but can be used for any animal that gives birth to multiple young.
  • A group of eggs and the animals that hatch from them are known as a clutch; a group of young birds are known as a brood.
  • The animals from the same litter are known as litter-mates.

An impostor is a person (or in this case animal) who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive (trick) others.

Adjectives to Describe Puppies:

  • Adorable – extremely cute and charming
  • Energetic – full of vitality, active and enthusiastic
  • Friendly – affectionate and sociable, showing a liking for others
  • Loyal – faithful and devoted, showing allegiance and trustworthiness
  • Playful – fond of games and having fun, cheerful and lively
  • Precious – highly valued, cherished and loved
  • Small – little in size, not large
  • Soft – gentle to the touch, yielding and comfortable
  • Sweet – pleasant to the senses, having a pleasing disposition
  • Wiggly – moving and twisting in a quick and lively manner, full of wiggles and wags

More Dog Expressions:

In The News:

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