“A school of colourful tropical fish swim through a large aquarium.”

More Fish Vocabulary:

  • Bait (noun): food or other lure placed on a hook or in a trap and used to attract fish or other animals.
  • Dorsal (adjective): relating to or situated on the upper side of the body of an animal, including fish.
  • Fins (noun): the flat, thin body parts that stick out from the body of a fish and are used for swimming and balance.
  • Gill (noun): the respiratory organ of aquatic animals, such as fish, that enables them to breathe underwater.
  • Hook (noun/verb): (n) a curved piece of metal used for catching fish; (v) to catch or trap something with a hook.
  • Migrate (verb): to move from one place to another, often in a pattern or cycle, such as the seasonal movement of fish.
  • Net (noun/verb): (n) a meshed material used for catching fish; (v) to catch fish with a net.
  • Scales (noun/verb): (n) the small, flat, overlapping plates covering the skin of fish; (v) to remove the scales from a fish.
  • Shoal (noun): a large number of fish swimming together.
  • Spawn (noun/verb): (n) the eggs or sperm of fish; (v) to release eggs or sperm for reproduction.

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