“A pool player leans over the pool table; he gets ready to strike the cue ball and break!”

Pool is a game played on a pool table with six pockets. The goal of the game is to use a cue to hit balls into the pockets. The player who sinks all of their balls first wins the game.

More Pool Vocabulary:

  • Bank shot (noun): A shot in pool in which the cue ball rebounds off a cushion before hitting the object ball.
  • Break (verb): To take the first shot of a game of pool, in which the cue ball is struck to scatter the balls on the table.
  • Cue ball (noun): The white ball used to strike the other balls in pool.
  • Foul (noun): An illegal move in pool, such as striking the cue ball with anything other than the cue stick.
  • Kiss shot (noun): A shot in pool in which two balls touch each other before being pocketed.
  • Pocket (noun): The holes in the corners and sides of a pool table.
  • Rack (noun): The triangular device used to arrange the balls at the start of a game of pool.
  • Scratch (noun): When the cue ball is pocketed or driven off the table during a shot in pool.
  • Spin (verb): To move or cause to move with a revolving motion.
  • Tip (noun): The small, hard end of a pool cue that strikes the cue ball.

What’s The Difference Between Snooker And Pool?

Pool and snooker are both cue sports played on a table with pockets. The main difference between the two is that pool is played with nine balls, while snooker is played with 15 balls. In addition, the table for snooker is larger than the table for pool. Snooker also has more complex rules than pool, such as the requirement to hit a ball of a specific colour with the cue ball first before hitting any other balls.

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