“An experienced architect – wearing a plastic hard hat – carefully designs a proposal for his client.”

Related Vocabulary:

  • An architect might wear a hard hat because their job may require them to supervise the construction.
  • The client is the person or organization using the services of a professional person or company – in this case the architect.
  • The art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures is known as architecture.

Language Notes:

In the context of computer science, an architect generally refers to a person who designs and plans the structure and organization of computer systems, such as software programs or computer networks. They are responsible for making decisions about the overall design, functionality, and performance of these systems.

On the other hand, architecture in computer science refers to the overall structure or design of a software system or computer network. It encompasses the organization of software components, the communication between different parts of the system, and the overall flow of data and information within the system.

The word architect can be used metaphorically, such as with the phrase the architect of their own demise. Here, it means that the person was responsible for designing or creating the circumstances that led to their downfall. Just as an architect plans and designs a building, this person planned and designed their own downfall through their actions or decisions.

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