“The bride and bridegroom pose for the photographer on their special day!”

Note: ‘Bridegroom‘ is often shortened to ‘groom‘.

Related Expressions:

Related Wedding Vocabulary:

  • best mannoun – a male friend of relative of the groom who assists him at the wedding
  • bouquetnoun – an attractively arranged bunch of flowers
  • bridesmaidnoun – a girl or woman who accompanies the bride on her wedding day
  • flower girlnoun – a young girl who carries flowers – and who scatters petals in front of the bride
  • groomsmannoun – a male friend who accompanies the groom on his wedding day
  • maid of honour (or man of honour) – noun – the chief bridesmaid at a wedding (must not be married)
  • receptionnoun – the part held at a wedding after the marriage ceremony has been completed
  • ring bearernoun – the person (usually a young boy) who carries the rings at a wedding ceremony
  • tuxedonoun – the formal wear for the groom at a wedding – a dinner jacket
  • wedding cakenoun – the traditional dessert served during a wedding ceremony
  • wedding dressnoun – the dress worn by the bride at a wedding
  • wedding ringnoun – the ring you wear to show that you are married

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