“A mechanic repairs a classic car inside a small garage.”

Language Note:

A garage is:

  • A place where cars are fixed.
  • A building where cars are parked, usually next to your house.
  • A place where you can buy petrol (British English).
  • A place where cars are sold (British English).

Garage music is a type of electronic music that was popular in the 1990s in the UK.

A classic car is an older car, especially one that is collectable.

Related Garage Vocabulary:

  • Alignment (noun): the adjustment of wheels or suspension to ensure proper contact with the road and optimal handling
  • Brake (noun): a device for slowing or stopping a vehicle or machine
  • Compressor (noun): a machine that compresses air to power tools or inflate tires
  • Diagnostic (adjective): relating to the identification of problems or malfunctions in machinery or equipment
  • Engine (noun): the motor that powers a vehicle or machine
  • Garage (noun): a building or space used for storing and repairing vehicles
  • Grease (noun): a lubricant used to reduce friction and wear on moving parts
  • Lift (noun): a machine or device used to raise vehicles off the ground for repairs
  • Mechanic (noun): a person who repairs and maintains machinery, especially vehicles
  • Oil (noun): a lubricant used to protect engine parts and reduce friction
  • Part (noun): a component or piece of a machine or vehicle
  • Repair (verb): to fix or restore something that is broken or damaged
  • Spark plug (noun): a device that ignites fuel in an internal combustion engine
  • Tyre (noun): the rubber covering on a wheel, used for traction and shock absorption
  • Wrench (noun): a tool used for turning bolts and nuts during repairs or assembly.

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