“A selection of delicious bread in a bakery, all baked by a hardworking baker.”

  • A baker might also bake brownies, cookies, pastries, pies and tarts.

More Bread Vocabulary:

These words may be useful if you are discussing bread or baking!

  • Crusty (adjective): having a hard, crispy outer layer
  • Dense (adjective): having a heavy, thick texture
  • Fluffy (adjective): light and soft in texture
  • Fresh (adjective): recently made or produced (slang – fresh means cool or trendy)
  • Gluten-free (adjective): not containing gluten, a protein found in wheat and other grains
  • Knead (verb): to work dough by pressing, folding, and stretching it, in order to develop gluten and create a smooth texture
  • Nutritious (adjective): containing valuable nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals
  • Rise (verb): to become larger and more fluffy due to the action of yeast or another leavening agent
  • Savory (adjective): having a pleasant, spicy or salty taste
  • Sliced (adjective): cut into thin, flat pieces
  • Soft (adjective): easy to compress or bend; opposite of hard
  • Sweet (adjective): having a sugary taste; opposite of sour
  • Toasted (adjective): browned by exposure to heat, as in a toaster or oven
  • Whole-grain (adjective): made from the entire grain, including the bran and germ
  • Yeasty (adjective): having the taste or aroma of yeast, a type of fungus used in bread-making

Expressions with Bread:

  • Bread – (UK slang) – Money
  • Bread and butter – (idiom) – Your main or only form of income – gives you the money you need to live
  • Break bread with (someone) – (idiom) – To share a meal with someone and have a positive social interaction with them
  • Brown bread – (UK slang) – Cockney rhyming slang for ‘dead’
  • Greatest thing since sliced bread – (idiom) – An excellent or useful new invention
  • Know which side your bread is buttered – (idiom) – To know what to do in order to take advantage or make the best possible situation of something

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