“An experienced surfer balances on his surfboard as he surfs through the waves!”

More Surfing Vocabulary:

  • barrel (noun) – the tube or curl of the wave – the hollow part of a wave when it breaks
  • bodysurf (verb) – riding or surfing a wave without a surfboard
  • crest (noun) – the top or highest part of something – like a wave
  • current (noun) – the movement of water in a particular direction
  • fin (noun) – the hydrofoil mounted at the back of a surfboard that helps with balance and steering
  • flippers (noun) – flat pieces of rubber you wear on your feet to improve your swimming performance
  • leash (noun) – the rope (or lead) that attaches the surfboard to the surfer’s ankle
  • paddle (verb) – to move your surfboard through the water using your arms as paddles (noun)
  • wetsuit – (noun) – a rubber garment that (usually) covers the entire body – worn by swimmers, surfers and divers to keep warm when in water for long periods of time
  • wipe out – (phrasal verb) – to fall off or get knocked off a surfboard when surfing

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