“A beautiful day for a game of golf! A golfer swings his golf club as he drives off the tee.”


Golf is a sport played outdoors on a large grassy area called a golf course. The goal of the game is to hit a small ball into a series of holes on the course with as few strokes (swings) as possible.

Players use clubs, which are long, thin sticks with variously shaped heads on the end, to hit the ball. The type of club used depends on the distance and difficulty of the shot.

A golf course typically has 18 holes, each with a tee box where the ball is initially placed, and a green with a hole where the ball must end up. The course also has various hazards, such as sand traps and bodies of water, that players must avoid.

Players take turns hitting the ball until it lands in the hole, and the player with the lowest number of strokes at the end of the round wins. Golf can be played individually or in teams, and is often enjoyed as a leisurely pastime as well as a competitive sport.

More Golf Vocabulary:

  • birdienoun/verb – a score of one under par / to play a hole with a score of one under par
  • bunkernoun – a hollow are of ground filled with sand (a hazard in golf)
  • driveverb – to hit a golf ball hard so it travels a long way
  • eaglenoun/verb – a score of two under par / to play a hole with a score of two under par
  • fairwaynoun – the area with short grass between the tee and the green on a golf course
  • foreinterjection – a warning shouted to warn people that a golf ball is approaching them
  • greennoun – a flat area of grass surrounding the hole on a golf course
  • hole in onenoun – a shot from the tee that goes into the hole with just one hit
  • parnoun/verb – the expected score a good golfer should get when hitting the golf ball into the hole (or holes) on a golf course / to play a hole with a score of par
  • puttnoun/verb – a gentle hit of a golf ball across the green or short grass towards or into the hole / to gently hit a golf ball across the green or short grass towards or into the hole
  • roughnoun – an area of a golf course with long grass
  • teenoun – a small stick that holds the golf ball so you can hit it easily – or the place where you hit the first golf ball on a hole

A golfer places his golf ball on the tee

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