“A glorious bouquet of colourful flowers, lovingly arranged by a florist for Valentine’s Day!

A florist is responsible for the sale and arrangement of flowers. They work with customers to create beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements for special occasions. Florists must have a good knowledge of different types of flowers, their colours, and how to combine them to create beautiful designs. They must also be able to recognize the best quality flowers and select the freshest blooms for their arrangements. In addition, florists must be able to care for plants in greenhouses and gardens, and understand how to fertilize and cultivate them for optimal growth. Florists must also be knowledgeable about the proper handling and storage of flowers to ensure they remain fresh and vibrant.

More Flower Vocabulary:

  • Bloom (verb) – To open and produce flowers.
  • Bouquet (noun) – An arrangement of flowers.
  • Bud (noun) – An undeveloped flower.
  • Floral (adjective) – Of or relating to flowers.
  • Florist (noun) – A person who sells and arranges flowers.
  • Fragrance (noun) – A pleasant smell.
  • Gardener (noun) – A person who tends a garden.
  • Greenhouse (noun) – A building where plants are grown.
  • Horticulture (noun) – The science and art of growing plants.
  • Leaf (noun) – A flattened structure of a plant.
  • Nectar (noun) – Sweet liquid secreted by flowers.
  • Petal (noun) – A modified leaf forming the inner part of a flower.
  • Pollen (noun) – A fine powder produced by flowers.
  • Stem (noun) – The main axis of a plant.
  • Thorn (noun) – A sharp pointed outgrowth on a plant.
  • Vase (noun) – A container used for holding flowers.

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