“The arms of this windmill rotate as the sails are caught by the strong winds.”

Windmills are machines that convert the energy of wind into mechanical energy. They can be used to grind grain, pump water, and generate electricity. Windmills work by using the wind to turn blades connected to a rotor, which is connected to a generator. The generator then produces electricity.

Windmills can be found in many places around the world, including rural areas, coastal areas, and even urban areas. They are often used to generate electricity in remote areas where access to the power grid is limited.

More Vocabulary:

Here are some words that may help you talk about windmills or wind:

  • Breezy (adjective): Characterized by a light, gentle wind.
  • Efficient (adjective): Producing desired results with a minimum of effort, expense, or waste.
  • Generate (verb): To produce or create.
  • Gusty (adjective): Characterized by sudden, strong gusts of wind.
  • Harness (verb): To make use of for a particular purpose.
  • Mechanical (adjective): Of or relating to machinery or tools.
  • Mill (noun): A machine for grinding or crushing.
  • Rotor (noun): A rotating part of a machine.
  • Sustainable (adjective): Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
  • Turbine (noun): A machine that converts the energy of a moving fluid into mechanical energy.
  • Windy (adjective): Characterized by strong winds.
  • Yield (verb): To produce or provide a result or product.

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