“The photographer chooses the most suitable lens and sets the camera up on a tripod – hoping to capture the scene perfectly!”

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  • aperturenoun – an opening or open space – in photography the aperture is the opening in the lens that admits light
  • bokehnoun – the blurred quality or effect of a portion of a photographic image
  • depth of fieldnoun phrase – the zone within a photo that appears in focus
  • DSLRabbreviation of Digital Single-Lens Reflex – relating to a camera that combines the optics and mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor
  • exposurenoun –  the amount of light reaching a frame of photographic film or the surface of an electronic image sensor
  • flashnoun – a device for providing light for taking photographs
  • focus noun/verb – the area (of a photo) that can be resolved into a clear area / to bring (a camera) into focus
  • ISOacronym of International Organization for Standardization – sensitivity to light (of a camera)
  • macro lensnoun – a lens used to take photos extremely close to the subject
  • shootverb – to photograph or film (something)
  • shutter speednoun – the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light
  • shutterbugnoun (slang) – An amateur photography enthusiast.
  • telephoto lensnoun –  a lens that allows you to photograph a subject that is far away or magnify the subject of the photograph
  • viewfindernoun – the device on a camera showing the field of view (the area to be photographed) of the lens
  • wide-angle lensnoun – a lens that allows you to fit more into the frame
An example of bokeh
An example of bokeh

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