British English Slang – Codswallop.

Meaning – Nonsense. This expression is usually directed towards someone who is talking – or writing – nonsense. Codswallop is often said to someone who is telling lies or talking rubbish. It is used to describe something that is considered ridiculous or untrue.

Codswallop is a fun and colourful expression that can be used to add a bit of humour to a conversation or to express frustration with someone’s ridiculous ideas or claims.

Similar Expressions To Codswallop Include:

  • balderdash
  • baloney
  • claptrap
  • cobbler’s
  • hogwash
  • piffle
  • poppycock
  • rubbish
  • twaddle

Related Idioms:


  • “The dog ate your homework again? I’ve never heard such codswallop!”

In The News:

Keown blasts Marsch for ‘codswallop’ excuses as pressure begins to mount on Leeds boss


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