• Phrasal Verb – Log in
  • Meaning – To gain access to a computer system. To enter information – such as your username and password – to gain access to a private area on a computer system.
    • This phrasal verb is not separable.
    • “I’m going to log in so you can see the comments.”
  • Meaning – Log (somebody) in – To give somebody access to a computer system.
    • This phrasal verb is separable.
    • “Can you log me in? I can’t remember my password!”

Note: The phrasal verb log on is sometimes used to mean ‘enter a computer system’, but it is actually interchangeable with log in.

Note: Login is a noun or adjective that refers to the act of logging in or the data (username and password) used to log in.

What is a phrasal verb?

phrasal verb is a verb combined with 1 or 2 small words. These small words are particles. A particle can be a preposition or adverb. The phrasal verb has a different meaning from the verb alone because the particle changes the meaning of the verb.

Some phrasal verbs can be separated. When we change the tense of the phrasal verb we only modify the verb part. The particle remains the same.