In English there are many slang expressions we can use to say somebody is pregnant. We can say:

  • Expecting
  • Carrying a child
  • With child
  • Preggers or Prego
Pregnancy Slang & Idioms

There are also some idioms that we can use:

  • Eating for two – To eat for both yourself and your unborn child.
  • Have a bun in the oven – Picture the baby as a bun and the womb as an oven!
  • In the family way – Some people believe it is not polite or proper to use the word “pregnant in certain situations.  In the family way is a more refined way of saying someone is pregnant. Today this phrase is more commonly used in a humorous way.
  • In the pudding club – This unusual expression probably came about due to the similarity between the shape of a pudding and the shape of a woman’s abdomen during the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Knocked up – Warning; this expression is not very polite and is usually used in a negative way. Knocked Up is also the name of a comedy movie – starring Seth Rogan – about a one-night stand that ends in pregnancy.
  • Up the duff – This expression is quite vulgar and is often used in an offensive way. This idiom can imply that the pregnancy is unwanted or unplanned.
  • Up the spout – This British expression is used in a similar way to up the duff, but is less common. Up the spout can also be used to refer to something that is no longer working or spoiled.

up the duff - pregnant slang

Idioms & slang we can use related to keeping secrets or sharing good news:

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  • Can you think of any more expressions we can use to say that somebody is pregnant?
  • What idioms do you have in your country for being pregnant?