In English, there are various slang expressions and idiomatic phrases used to describe pregnancy. These expressions add colour and informality to everyday conversations among friends and family.

  • Expecting: A simple and commonly used term to indicate someone is pregnant.
  • Carrying a child: Another straightforward way to say someone is pregnant, emphasizing the act of carrying a baby.
  • With child: A more formal but still widely used expression to denote pregnancy.
  • Preggers or Prego: Informal and affectionate terms for being pregnant.

Pregnancy Slang & Idioms:

There are also a number of idioms that we can use to describe pregnancy. Idioms are phrases that have a figurative meaning. These expressions are often used to express pregnancy in a more creative way.

  • Eating for two – To eat for both yourself and your unborn child.
  • Have a bun in the oven – Picture the baby as a bun and the womb as an oven!
  • In the family way – Some people believe it is not polite or proper to use the word “pregnant in certain situations.  In the family way is a more refined way of saying someone is pregnant. Today this phrase is more commonly used in a humorous way.
  • In the pudding club – This unusual expression probably came about due to the similarity between the shape of a pudding and the shape of a woman’s abdomen during the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Knocked upCaution: This expression is informal and can be considered impolite or offensive.. Knocked Up is also the name of a comedy movie – starring Seth Rogan – about a one-night stand that ends in pregnancy.
  • Up the duff – Similarly informal and potentially offensive, implying an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.
  • Up the spout – This British expression is used in a similar way to up the duff, but is less common. Up the spout can also be used to refer to something that is no longer working or spoiled.

up the duff - pregnant slang

Good news!

In addition to pregnancy-related idioms and slang, here are some expressions related to sharing secrets or spreading good news:

Slang Related to Babies and Pregnancy:

In addition to formal expressions and idiomatic phrases, English also offers a rich array of slang terms related to babies and pregnancy. These informal expressions are often used affectionately or humorously in casual conversations:

  • Baby bump: Refers to the visible protrusion of a woman’s abdomen during pregnancy, emphasizing the presence of the developing baby.
  • Little one: An endearing term used to refer to a baby or young child, emphasizing their small size and vulnerability.
  • Bundle of joy: A heartwarming expression used to describe a newborn baby, highlighting the happiness and excitement they bring to their parents.
  • Cherub: Often used humorously to describe a chubby or rosy-cheeked baby, likening them to the angelic figures depicted in classical art.
  • Mini-me: Refers to a baby or child who strongly resembles one of their parents, usually used in a lighthearted or affectionate manner.
  • Nappy/diaper brigade: A humorous term used to collectively refer to a group of parents with young babies, acknowledging the common experience of diaper-changing duties.
  • Sleep thief: Playfully refers to a newborn baby who disrupts their parents’ sleep with frequent night waking, emphasizing the exhaustion that comes with caring for a newborn.
  • Crib lizard: A slang term for a baby who spends a lot of time in their crib, implying that they resemble a lizard basking in the warmth of their habitat.
  • Milk drunk: Describes the drowsy and contented state of a baby after breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, likening their behavior to that of someone who has consumed too much alcohol.

These slang expressions can add humour to conversations about babies and pregnancy, offering informal ways to discuss the joys and challenges of parenthood.

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