British English Slang – Spuds.

Meaning – Potatoes. The expression spud is a common British slang term for potato.

Different Ways To Eat Spuds:

  • Boiled – Potatoes are boiled in water until soft and can be mashed, seasoned, and served as a side dish. This method of cooking potatoes is common in many cuisines around the world.
  • Chips – Thinly sliced potatoes that are fried until crispy. Known as “french-fries” in the US. Fish and chips are a staple of British cuisine.
  • Croquettes – Mashed potatoes mixed with cheese or meat, rolled into balls, coated in breadcrumbs, and fried. This dish is common in Spanish and Latin American cuisine.
  • Dauphinoise – Thinly sliced potatoes layered with cream and cheese and baked in the oven. This dish is popular in French cuisine.
  • Gnocchi – A type of dumpling made from mashed potatoes, flour, and eggs. This dish originates from Italy.
  • Home fries – Cubed potatoes fried in a pan with onions and spices until crispy. Common in British and American cuisine.
  • Mashed – Potatoes boiled until soft, mashed with butter, milk, and salt. This is a classic side dish in British cuisine.
  • Patatas bravas – Cubed potatoes fried and served with a spicy tomato sauce. Common in Spanish cuisine.
  • Potato pancakes – Shredded potatoes mixed with flour and eggs and fried in a pan. Common in Eastern European cuisine.
  • Roasted – Potatoes are cut into wedges or cubes, seasoned, and roasted in the oven until crispy. This dish is a popular side dish in the UK and can be found in many different cuisines.
  • Scalloped – Potatoes sliced and baked in a creamy sauce. Common in British and American cuisine.
  • Smashed – Boiled potatoes that are lightly mashed, then roasted until crispy. Common in British and American cuisine.
  • Tattie scones – Mashed potatoes mixed with flour and fried in a pan. A traditional Scottish dish.


  • “Can you pick up some spuds at the supermarket? I want to make mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.”

In The News:

There is a season: Martha’s mashed spuds hit the spot


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