Slang – Fam.

Meaning – Family and close friends.

Fam is used to describe the people you trust the most. Friends can be considered fam if you are very close to them and you consider them as part of your family. This slang expression can be used to describe one close friend or a group of close friends.

This expression can also be used as a term of endearment between friends – “How you doing fam?


  • “I just want to spend the weekend hanging out with my fam!”

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What is Slang?

Slang is informal language that is not considered standard or formal, and is typically used by specific groups of people or in specific contexts. It often includes words, phrases, and expressions that are not widely used in the mainstream, and can vary depending on region, social group, and age group. Slang is often used to express humour, sarcasm, or solidarity, but can also be controversial or offensive.

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