British English Slang – Quid.

Meaning – A pound sterling. The pound sterling (£) is the official currency of the United Kingdom. The plural of quid can be quid or quids, depending on usage. Quid is a colloquial way of referring to money, similar to how bucks is used in the United States to refer to dollars.

The expression quids in is British slang for making, saving or receiving money.

A few quid means a small amount of money.

British Slang for Money:

There are many other informal expressions to describe British money:

  • Dosh – Money
  • Fiver – £5
  • Grand – £1000 (or a thousand in some other context)
  • Lolly – Money
  • Monkey – £500
  • Nugget – A one pound coin.
  • Score – £20
  • Shrapnel – The loose change (coins) that you usually carry in your pocket.
  • Tenner – £10
  • Ton – £100
  • Wedge – A large bundle of bank notes.
  • Wonga – Money


  • I’m totally skint mate! Any chance you could lend me a few quid?

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What is Slang?

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