“The diner – enjoying a delicious continental breakfast – has to decide if they want jam or marmalade on their croissant this morning.”

A continental breakfast typically consists of a variety of items such as pastries, toast, cereal, yogurt, fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and juice. The pastries may include croissants, muffins and a selection of other sweet treats. Toast is usually served with butter and jam or honey. Cereal is served with milk and can range from oatmeal to granola to cold cereals. Yogurt is sometimes served with fresh fruit and honey or granola. Coffee and tea are usually available for those who prefer a hot beverage. Juice is also available – usually orange juice.

Why “Continental Breakfast”?

The term “continental breakfast” actually  originated in Britain in the mid-19th century. There, the phrase “the continent” refers to the countries occupying the mainland of Europe. Therefore, a “continental breakfast” denotes the type of breakfast you’d be served in places like France or Italy. Breakfasts in these countries are famously light and delicate when compared to the full English breakfast.

Source: everybodyshops

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