“A boxer attacks his opponent in the boxing ring. The photographer next to the ring captures the important moments in this bout!”

Related Boxing Vocabulary:

  • Champion (noun): a boxer who has won a championship title.
  • Corner (noun): the area of the ring where a boxer’s cornerman stands.
  • Counterpunch (verb): to punch back after being hit by an opponent.
  • Ding (verb): to make a bell sound, signaling the end of a round.
  • Feint (verb): to make a false move in order to deceive an opponent.
  • Glove (noun): a padded piece of equipment worn on the hands during a boxing match.
  • Jab (verb): to quickly thrust out one’s fist towards an opponent.
  • Knockout (noun): a situation in which a boxer is knocked unconscious.
  • Punch (verb): to strike with a closed fist.
  • Referee (noun): a person who oversees a boxing match and enforces the rules.
  • Ring (noun): the area in which a boxing match takes place.
  • Uppercut (verb): to punch upwards at an opponent’s chin or jaw.

Boxing Idioms:

  • Beat them to the punch – to do something before someone else has a chance to do it.
  • Hit below the belt – to do something unfair or unethical.
  • Knockout – to do something so well that it leaves the opponent stunned or overwhelmed.
  • Punch above your weight – To have more power than you would be¬†expected¬†to have.
  • Roll with the punches – to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Saved by the bell – to be rescued from a difficult situation at the last minute.
  • Throw in the towel – to give up or surrender.

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