British English Slang – Skive or Skive-off.

Meaning – To avoid work or your responsibilities by staying away or leaving without permission. To stay away from work or school because you are feeling lazy or perhaps feeling blue (idiom). Alternatively you might want to avoid your responsibilities because you just want to have fun!

In British English we can also use the verb bunk in a similar way.

  • I‘m going to bunk off work today.”

A similar expression in American English is play hookie.

  • “I’m going to play hookie today and go to the beach.”

You might want to skive because you woke up like a bear with a sore head (idiomor are down in the mouth (idiom). If you skive from work too frequently you may end up having to pound the pavement (idiom)!


  • “I’m feeling lazy and I don’t want to go to work today. Let’s skive off work and spend the day in bed!”

In The News:

Teacher fakes brother’s death to skive work before probe finds she not even qualified

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