English Idiom – Feel Blue.

Meaning – To feel sad or depressed. This expression can be used to describe any unhappy feeling you may have.

Colours and Emotions:

Different colours can be used to portray different emotions or moods when speaking in English. Here are a few common colour and emotion combinations:

ColourEmotionIdiomatic Example
BlueSadnessFeel blue
GreenEnvyGreen-eyed monster
PinkHappyTickled pink
RedAnger/ShameRed in the face
WhiteShockWhite as a ghost

Related Expressions:


When could you use this idiom?

  • You are generally feeling depressed because things are not going well.
  • It has been raining for a week and it shows no sign of stopping.
  • You have failed all of your exams and need to take them again.


  • “My brother is feeling blue at the moment because he has to drop out of university. It’s just too expensive for him.”

In The News:

‘Don’t feel blue’: Apple Music trolls Spotify with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell catalogues


  • Is there an idiom like this in your country?

What is an idiom?

An idiom is a word or phrase that is not taken literally.  An idiom is an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its individual words, but has a separate meaning of its own.

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