English Slang – Kicks.

Meaning (noun) – Shoes, usually sneakers or trainers. It is often used as a substitute for the word shoes or sneakers, and can also be used to refer to fashionable or stylish shoes.

The slang expression kick can also be used to describe a thrill or something that gives you pleasure.

  • “I got a real kick out of bungee jumping.”

More slang expressions related to footwear:

  • Creps – (UK) Modern English street slang for shoes.
  • Heels – Shoes with a high heel; stilettos.
  • Sneakers – (US) Sports shoes or casual shoes.
  • Trainers – (UK) Sports shoes or casual shoes.
  • Wellies – (UK) Wellington boots.

Slang expressions and vocabulary related to clothing and fashion:

The slang expression to boot means in addition or as an extra.


  • “I love your new kicks. They are so classy! Where did you buy them?”

In The News:

“LeBron James became the NBA’s all-time leading scorer on Tuesday night, and Nike commemorated the accomplishment by sending the Los Angeles Lakers star some fresh kicks.”

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