• British English Slang – Dicky bow or Dickie bow
  • Meaning – A bow tie. A bow tie is a necktie in the form of a bow with two loops.
  • This slang expression is British English slang that has evolved from Cockney rhyming slang. The word dicky is rhyming slang for shirt (from dicky dirt = shirt).  The bow tie looks like a bow on a shirt and this is how the expression dicky bow came about.
  • Bow ties are formal wear and usually worn with a dinner jacket. A dinner jacket (UK English) or tuxedo (American English) is a semi-formal evening suit usually worn at weddings, balls, proms or other formal occasions.

dinner jacket

  • You might need to wear a dicky bow if you attend a black tie event. A black tie event is some kind of formal or semi-formal occasion such as an opera or ballet performance.
  • “I’ve bought myself a dapper dicky bow for Tracy’s wedding next month.”