Proverb – Knowledge is power.

Meaning – Knowledge, information, and education give people the ability to make informed decisions, solve problems, and ultimately achieve success in life. This proverb implies that individuals who have access to information and who use that knowledge to their advantage are better equipped to succeed in various aspects of life, such as in business, politics, education, and personal relationships.

The phrase has a long history, and while the exact origin is uncertain, it is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon. However, it is believed that Thomas Hobbes used the Latin version of this phrase (scientia potentia est) first in his work “Leviathan” in 1651, predating Bacon’s use of the phrase. Regardless of its true origin, the phrase has become a widely recognized proverb worldwide, emphasizing the importance of education, information, and knowledge as a means of empowerment and success in various aspects of life.


  • “If you want to succeed in business, you need to have knowledge about your industry and your competitors. Knowledge is power.
  • “In politics, those who have access to information and can use it to their advantage often have more power than those who don’t. Knowledge is power.”
  • “I’m going to try and get a discount when I buy this house. I’ve been studying house prices in this area and I’ve also learnt how to negotiate. Knowledge is power!

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Knowledge is power when it comes to health


  • Is there a similar proverb in your culture?

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What is a proverb?

proverb is short, useful and well known expression. A proverb will state a general or obvious truth or a useful piece of advice. A proverb might teach you how to have a good life. A proverb may teach you to be healthy or kind.

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