• Phrasal Verb – Show off.
  • Meaning 1 – To behave in a way that is intended to attract attention. This phrasal verb is usually used about people whose behaviour we find annoying.
    • This phrasal verb is not separable.
    • “I know that you are a better tennis player than me. Stop showing off!”
    • This phrasal verb can also be used a noun to describe a person who has a habit of showing off.
    • “I love Julie but she is such a show off.”
  • Meaning 2 – To show people something that you are proud of.
    • This phrasal verb is separable.
    • “Are you free tomorrow? I’ve just bought a new Bimmer and I want to show it off!”
What is a phrasal verb?

phrasal verb is a verb combined with 1 or 2 small words. These small words are particles. A particle can be a preposition or adverb. The phrasal verb has a different meaning from the verb alone because the particle changes the meaning of the verb.

Some phrasal verbs can be separated. When we change the tense of the phrasal verb we only modify the verb part. The particle remains the same.