Phrasal Verb – Give up.

Meaning  1 – To stop trying to do something that is too difficult or troublesome.

  • This phrasal verb is not separable.
  • “I will never be able to solve this puzzle. I give up.”
  • “Are you giving up already? You can do it!

Meaning 2 – To quit something. If you give something up you stop doing it.

  • This phrasal verb is not separable.
  • “I don’t want any more plonk. I think I should give up drinking.”
  • “She gave up smoking last year.”

Meaning 3To surrender or relinquish something.

  • This phrasal verb is not separable.
  • “Their army is running away. They will surely give up now.”

In The News:

Frustrated Draymond Green Appears to Give Up on Play in Warriors-Thunder

What is a phrasal verb?

phrasal verb is a verb combined with 1 or 2 small words. These small words are particles. A particle can be a preposition or adverb. The phrasal verb has a different meaning from the verb alone because the particle changes the meaning of the verb.

Some phrasal verbs can be separated. When we change the tense of the phrasal verb we only modify the verb part. The particle remains the same.

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