English Idiom – Whet your appetite.

Meaning – To increase your desire for something. To stimulate your interest in something. You can whet someone’s appetite for anything, but this expression is most commonly used with food.

The verb whet means to sharpen or stimulate. People often get confused  by this idiom and write wet your appetite – but this is incorrect!


When could you use this idiom?

  • When you review a restaurant online and see pictures of scrumptious food.
  • Your friend is discussing your next holiday destination.
  • You can smell delicious food cooking.
  • At the cinema you see a trailer for a movie you really want to see.


  • “I saw some pictures of Macao last night. They really whet my appetite for our trip next month!”

In The News:

Pen Argyl sophomore’s food blog, designed to whet your appetite, draws thousands of followers


  • Is there an idiom like this in your country?

What is an idiom?

An idiom is a word or phrase that is not taken literally.  An idiom is an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its individual words, but has a separate meaning of its own.

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