English Idiom – Hit the road.

Meaning – To leave or to begin a journey. To depart, especially in order to go home.

The idiom hit the road was featured in a song by Ray Charles in 1961 – see below:

Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack (Lyric Video)

Related Road Expressions:

There are many other idioms that begin with “Hit the…” Here are some common ones:

  • Hit the bar/club – To visit a bar/club.
  • Hit the big time – To become famous or successful.
  • Hit the books – To study.
  • Hit the bottle – To get drunk; to drink too much alcohol regularly.
  • Hit the deck – To fall to the ground suddenly to avoid danger.
  • Hit the gas – To accelerate.
  • Hit the ground running – To begin doing something new with great energy or skill.
  • Hit the hay – To go to bed.
  • Hit the jackpot – To win a lot of money or to be very successful.
  • Hit the mark – To be correct or suitable.
  • Hit the nail on the head – To be absolutely right about something.
  • Hit the roof – To suddenly become very angry.
  • Hit the sack – To go to bed.
  • Hit the spot – To be exactly right or to give total satisfaction.


  • You need to head home after a wonderful evening with friends.
  • A trip is coming to an end and you need to start driving home.
  • You need to tell a customer in your restaurant that they have overstayed their welcome and it is time for them to leave!


  • “It has been great seeing you again but I’ve got a long drive home. It’s time for us to hit the road!”

In The News:

Eagles Hit the Road to Play Vikings, Hornets


  • Is there an idiom like this in your country?

What is an idiom?

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