Idiom – Bad hair day.

Meaning – A day when your hair is difficult to manage or style, or more broadly, a day when things seem to be going wrong. A day when someone’s hair is unruly, dishevelled, or unmanageable, often causing frustration or self-consciousness. This expression can also be used more broadly to describe a day when things seem to be going wrong or not as planned.

This term was first popularized in the 1990s as a humorous way to describe a day when someone’s hair was not behaving as desired. Since then, it has become a common idiom used to describe any type of day when things seem to be going wrong or not in one’s favour.

The idiom dragged through a hedge backwards can also be used to describe looking very messy, especially with untidy hair.


When could you use this idiom?

  • Your hair is a mess and you can’t seem to make it look good.
  • When you are feeling unattractive.
  • If you are having a bad day in general.
  • You are looking for an excuse to stay at home and be lazy!


  • “I don’t want to go to the party this evening. I’m having a bad hair day!”

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  • Is there an idiom like this in your country?

What is an idiom?

An idiom is a word or phrase that is not taken literally.  An idiom is an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its individual words, but has a separate meaning of its own.

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