“An undulating road in the sandy desert. The sign reminds drivers to obey the speed limit.”

Desert or Dessert?


  • Desert – A dry, barren area of land.
  • Dessert – The sweet course eaten at the end of a meal (cake, pie, pudding, ice-cream etc.)

The full definition for a desert is a dry, barren area of land, especially one covered with sand, that is usually desolate, without water, and without vegetation.

The largest deserts in the world are:

  • Antarctica Desert
  • Arctic Desert
  • Sahara Desert (Africa)
  • Australian Desert
  • Arabian Desert (West Asia)
  • Gobi Desert (East Asia)
  • Kalahari Desert (Africa)

Related Desert Vocabulary:

  • Arid (adjective) – lacking sufficient moisture to support plant life.
  • Cacti (noun) – a succulent desert plant with spines or thorns.
  • Dune (noun) – a hill of sand formed by the wind.
  • Glimmer (verb) – a faint, intermittent light or sparkle.
  • Loneliness (noun) – feeling of isolation or abandonment.
  • Mirage (noun) – a false image caused by atmospheric conditions.
  • Nomad (noun) – a member of an ethnic group who moves constantly.
  • Oasis (noun) – a fertile spot in a desert, sometimes with a spring.
  • Palm (noun) – a tree with fan-shaped foliage or branches.
  • Vastness (noun) – the quality of being very large or extensive.
  • Wasteland (noun) – a barren or desolate area

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