A small bench in the shade, hidden underneath a tree in blossom.

Related Vocabulary:

  • Bloom (verb): to open and unfold, as a flower; to produce flowers
  • Bouquet (noun): a bunch of flowers, typically one that is given as a present or carried at a ceremony
  • Delicate (adjective): fragile, easily damaged, or destroyed
  • Floral (adjective): relating to or associated with flowers
  • Fragrance (noun): a pleasant, sweet smell
  • Gorgeous (adjective): very beautiful, attractive, or pleasing
  • Lush (adjective): having a lot of rich, strong growth
  • Opulent (adjective): having or suggesting great wealth or luxuriousness
  • Radiant (adjective): very bright, vivid, or glowing
  • Scintillating (adjective): glittering or sparkling, especially with a brilliant light

The idiom gild the lily can be used when you are trying to improve something unnecessarily – or to further decorate something that already looks perfect.

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