Slang – Zillion.

Meaning – An extremely large number. An unknown, vague or fictitious large number – it is not an actual number and does not have an exact definition. This expression is used to describe an indefinitely large number of people or things.

Zillion rhymes with million, billion and trillion – which of course are the names of very large numbers.

There are many other very similar words for any fictitious large number:

  • Bazillion
  • Gazillion
  • Jillion
  • Kajillion
  • Squillion

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  • “He is such a shopaholic. He must have bought a zillion things today!”
In The News:

“I understand the NFL’s stance on this, given they only have a few minutes to set up the stage,” Flea wrote. “There [are] a zillion things that could go wrong and ruin the sound for the folks watching in the stadium and the TV viewers.”

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