• Slang – Shopaholic
  • Meaning – Shopaholic is used to describe someone who is addicted to shopping. This expression can be used in a serious way but it is usually used in a playful manner after someone has shopped a lot. It can be used to describe someone who shops a lot, or who just loves shopping.
  • We can add aholic to many other different words to make them into fun slang words.
    • bookaholic – someone who loves reading
    • chocoholic – someone who loves chocolate
    • textaholic – someone who loves sending text messages
    • tweetaholic – someone who love Twitter
    • webaholic – someone who loves the Internet
    • workaholic – someone who loves working
  • Try it yourself. Add ...aholic to something you enjoy and make up a new English word!
  • “Look at all those shopping bags! Have you been shopping all day again? You are such a shopaholic!”
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