Slang – Shopaholic.

Meaning – Someone who has a compulsive or excessive desire to shop, often resulting in excessive spending and accumulation of possessions. A shopaholic may feel a strong urge to buy things, even if they do not need them, and may experience a sense of pleasure or satisfaction from shopping. However, this behavior can often lead to financial problems, stress, and other negative consequences.

The suffix -aholic is often used to describe someone who has a compulsive or addictive behavior related to a particular activity or substance. This expression can also be used in a fun way to say that someone really enjoys something. Here are some common examples:

  • alcoholic – someone who is addicted to alcohol
  • bookaholic – someone who is addicted to reading
  • chocoholic – someone who is addicted to chocolate
  • textaholic – someone who is addicted to sending text messages
  • tweetaholic – someone who is addicted to Twitter
  • webaholic – someone who is addicted to the Internet
  • workaholic – someone who is addicted to working

Try it yourself. Add ...aholic to something you enjoy and make up a fun new English word!


  • “Look at all those shopping bags! Have you been shopping all day again? You are such a shopaholic!”

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What is Slang?

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