• Slang – Curtain-twitcher or Curtain twitcher
  • Meaning – A person who secretly watches other people. A nosy neighbour.  A curtain-twitcher is a person who typically watches neighbours through the window, hiding behind a curtain.
  • This is British English slang.
  • A twitch is a short, sudden movement. A curtain-twitcher probably moves the curtains frequently – in order to snoop or spy on the neighbours.
  • If you are a curtain-twitcher try not to get caught red handed! Nobody wants to be labelled a nosy parker; people prefer neighbours who mind their own business.
  • People in the UK enjoy spying on their neighbours! According to a the Daily Mirror one in three of us Brits admit to spying on the neighbours. The UK is a nation of curtain-twitchers. British people would probably say they are just making sure the neighbours are safe, but I’m sure many just enjoy a good gossip about the people down the road…
  • “Sit down and stop spying on the neighbours! You are such a curtain-twitcher!”

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