Phrasal Verb – Give away.

Meaning 1To give something to someone for free. Something can be given away as part of a promotion or because something is no longer wanted.

  • This phrasal verb is separable.
  • “Have you heard? A restaurant down the street is giving away hamburgers!”

Meaning 2To give an enemy or opponent an advantage.

  • This phrasal verb is separable.
  • “Barcelona gave a three goal lead away.”

Meaning 3To tell a secret, often by accident.

  • This phrasal verb is separable.
  • “Look at him. He knows something, but he won’t give the news away!”

Meaning 4To officially present your daughter to her new husband. A father will give away his daughter at a wedding ceremony.

  • This phrasal verb is separable.
  • “You look beautiful. I will be so proud to give you away tomorrow!”

In The News:

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What is a phrasal verb?

phrasal verb is a verb combined with 1 or 2 small words. These small words are particles. A particle can be a preposition or adverb. The phrasal verb has a different meaning from the verb alone because the particle changes the meaning of the verb.

Some phrasal verbs can be separated. When we change the tense of the phrasal verb we only modify the verb part. The particle remains the same.

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