Many people are confused by when to use you’re or your. This is such a common confusion that many native English speakers also get confused.

Here are the simple rules to remember when using these words:


You’re – is short for You are.


  • You’re very good at English. or You are very good at English.
  • I think you’re a wonderful sister. or I think you are a wonderful sister.

Your – is the possessive form of you. Your is used to show something belongs to someone.


  • Is this your cat?
  • Don’t forget your passport!

When you are not sure which one to use in a sentence, replace the word your/you’re with you are or my. If the sentence makes sense with you are – use you’re. If the sentence makes sense with my – use your.

  • This is not your/you’re rug.

Which sounds correct?

  1. 1. This is not my rug.
  2. 2. This is not you are rug.

Number 1! So we know the correct sentence should read: This is not your rug.

Your Turn

Which of these sentences are correct?

1. Your very good at spelling.

2. I think I may have lost your pen.

3. Can I read you’re newspaper?

4. Your welcome.

5. The money is in you’re pocket.