English Idiom – As one door closes, another door opens or As one door closes, another one opens.

Meaning – As one opportunity ends, another opportunity often follows. If one thing you do fails, you will soon have an opportunity to succeed at something else.

This expression is often used to encourage someone to keep trying after a failure or disappointment. A similar (British) idiom that can be used to encourage someone to stay positive after a disappointment is keep a stiff upper lip.


When could you use this idiom?

  • A friend has unsuccessfully applied for a new job and they are feeling down.
  • You need to encourage a colleague to keep trying in their quest to get promoted.
  • Your brother is upset because he has not received an acceptance to university; you want to tell him to keep positive as he continues to apply.
  • “It’s a shame you didn’t get the job you applied for, but I am sure you’ll get a better offer soon. As one door closes, another door opens!
In The News:
  • Is there an idiom like this in your country?
What is an idiom?

An idiom is a word or phrase that is not taken literally.  An idiom is an expression that cannot be understood from the meanings of its individual words, but has a separate meaning of its own.