Slang – La-la Land

Slang – La-la land.

Meaning – An imaginary place where people are out of touch with reality. It is a hypothetical place that you visit when you are not paying attention or you are daydreaming. This expression can refer to a person who is zoned out (lacking concentration) or in a state of semi-consciousness.

This phrase can also be used to call-out or challenge someone who is making ridiculous claims. A person would have to be living in la-la land to believe such nonsense.

There are a number of expressions with similar meanings – all used to bring attention to a person’s lack of concentration or daydreaming:

  • Away with the fairies – “That boy is always away with the fairies.”
  • Cloud cuckoo land – “You must be living in cloud cuckoo land!”
  • Head in the clouds“She’s always had her head in the clouds.”
  • Out to lunch – “That’s absolutely crazy. You are totally out to lunch.”
  • Scatterbrain “Oh no! I’ve done it again! I’m such a scatterbrain.”
  • Space cadet – “I forgot my phone again! I’m such a space cadet.”

La-La land is also sometimes used as a nickname for Los-Angeles or Hollywood.

The idiom pipe dream can refer to an unrealistic or impossible dream. If you are pursuing these pipe dreams you are chasing rainbows (idiom). If you are losing your marbles (idiom) you are going crazy!


  • “I do worry about Peter sometimes. I try and have a conversation with him but he’s away in la-la land!”


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