Slang – La-la land

  • Slang – La-la land
  • Meaning – La-la land is an imaginary place where people are out of touch with reality. It is a hypothetical place that you visit when you are not paying attention or you are daydreaming. If you are in la-la land you are zoned out (lacking concentration) or in a state of semi-consciousness. You are disconnected from reality.
  • This phrase can also be used to call-out or challenge someone who is making ridiculous claims. A person would have to be living in la-la land to believe such nonsense.
  • There are a number of expressions with similar meanings – all used to bring attention to a person’s lack of concentration or daydreaming:
    • away with the fairies – That boy is away with the fairies.
    • cloud cuckoo land – You must be living in cloud cuckoo land!
    • head in the clouds – She’s always had her head in the clouds.
    • out to lunch – That’s crazy. You are totally out to lunch.
    • scatterbrain – I’ve done it again! I’m such a scatterbrain.
    • space cadet – I forgot again! I’m such a space cadet.
  • La-La land is also sometimes used as a nickname for Los-Angeles or Hollywood.
  • “I do worry about Peter sometimes. I try and have a conversation with him but he’s away in la-la land!”
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