• British English Slang – Argy-bargy or argie-bargie
  • Meaning – A noisy or lively argument. This expression is used to describe a bad tempered argument. Argy-bargy can also be used to describe a fight or a heated discussion.
  • Argy-bargy originated in Scotland and is an alteration of the word argue.
  • There are lots of great English slang expressions related to arguing or fighting, they include:
    • Barney – British slang for a noisy argument or fight.
    • cross swords – To have an argument or disagreement with someone.
    • fisticuffs – A fistfight.
    • kerfuffleA commotion or noisy disagreement.
    • knuckle sandwich – A punch in the mouth.
    • lock horns –  To have an argument or disagreement with someone.
    • scrap – A fight.
  • “Looks like a bit of argy-bargy going on over there. I think it started over a spilled pint!”