“A carpenter struggles to saw through a wooden log. Perhaps the carpenter needs to clean the rusty saw!”

More Saw Vocabulary:

Carpentry is the activity or occupation of making or repairing things in wood.

A person whose occupation is carpentry is known as a carpenter.

  • Chisel (noun): A tool used for cutting and shaping wood.
  • Dovetail (verb): To join two pieces of wood together with interlocking notches.
  • Dowel (noun): A cylindrical piece of wood used to join two pieces of wood together.
  • Plane (noun): A tool used for smoothing and shaping wood.
  • Precise (adjective): Accurate and exact.
  • Rasp (noun): A tool used for shaping and smoothing wood.
  • Refined (adjective): Neatly and carefully made.
  • Robust (adjective): Strong and durable.
  • Sandpaper (noun): A material used for smoothing wood.

Here are some different types of saws that a carpenter may use:

  • Chainsaw – A saw with a motor-driven chain that moves round the edge of a blade
  • Circular saw – A power saw with a rotating toothed disc
  • Hacksaw – A saw with a narrow blade set inside a frame
  • Hand saw – A saw used with one hand for cutting wood
  • Jigsaw – A machine saw with a fine blade that can cut curved lines in a sheet of wood (or other material)
Hand saw

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