Proverb – Actions speak louder than words.

Meaning –¬†What you do is more important than what you say. Your actions (the things that you do)¬†tell us more about your personality than your words (the things that you say). You will be judged on what you do, not what you say.

This is a very famous and – some would say – overused proverb that can be found in many different languages.

The English idiom put your money where your mouth is is another way to express the proverb actions speak louder than words. This idiom is used to emphasize that it is more important to demonstrate commitment to something through action, rather than just talking about it. This proverb is used to express the same idea, but in a more general way. Both of these sayings are used to encourage people to back up their words with tangible actions.

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Arsenal: Actions Speak Louder Than Words


  • Is there a similar proverb in your culture?

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