“The outstretched palm of the hand displaying the thumbindex fingermiddle fingerring finger and little finger.”

Related Hand or Fingers Expressions:

  • All hands on deck (idiom) – Everyone is needed to help with a task or problem.
  • Fat fingers (slang) – Clumsy or inaccurate typing.
  • Get your hands dirty (idiom) – To participate in physical work that may be messy or unpleasant.
  • Green fingers (idiom) – A skilled gardener.
  • Have a finger in many pies (idiom) – To be involved in many different things or projects at the same time.
  • Keep your fingers crossed (idiom) – Hope for a positive outcome or result.
  • Point the finger (idiom) – to blame or accuse someone of something.
  • Rule of thumb (idiom) – A general guideline or principle that is based on experience or common sense.
  • Rule with an iron fist (idiom) – To be very strict and authoritative in leadership or control.

Related Vocabulary:

  • Clasp (verb): To hold or grip tightly.
  • Claw (noun): A curved, pointed nail on the end of a finger or toe.
  • Clench (verb): To grip or hold tightly.
  • Digits (noun): The numbers 09; also, the fingers and toes.
  • Fist (noun): A clenched hand.
  • Grip (verb): To hold firmly.
  • Knuckles (noun): The joints of the fingers.
  • Nails (noun): The hard covering on the upper surface parts at the tips of the fingers and toes.
  • Wrists (noun): The joint between the hand and the arm.

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