“An eggshell photographed next to the yolk and egg white of a fried egg.”

Another name for egg white is albumen. Albumen is the clear, thick liquid that surrounds the yolk of an egg and provides nutrition for the developing embryo.

Egg Idioms:

  • A good egg – Someone who is a kind and trustworthy person.
    • “I know he can be a bit gruff, but deep down he’s a good egg.”
  • Egg someone on – To encourage or persuade someone to do something, often something foolish or risky.
    • “He egged her on to try the spicy food even though he knew she couldn’t handle it.”
  • Go fry an egg – An expression used to tell someone to go away or leave.
    • “He kept pestering me for money, so I finally told him to go fry an egg.”
  • Have egg on your face – To be embarrassed or humiliated because of something you did wrong or foolish.
    • “When she realized she had the wrong date for the meeting, she felt like she had egg on her face.”
  • Lay an egg – To fail or perform poorly, especially in a public setting.
    • “The comedian’s new material didn’t go over well with the audience, he really laid an egg.”
  • Put all your eggs in one basket – To risk everything on a single plan or course of action.
    • “He invested all his money in that one company, putting all his eggs in one basket.”
  • Teach your grandmother to suck eggs – To offer advice or instructions to someone who is already experienced or knowledgeable in a particular area.
    • “I don’t need you to explain how to do this, it’s like teaching your grandmother to suck eggs.”
  • Walk on eggshells – To be cautious and careful in order to avoid upsetting someone or causing trouble.
    • “Ever since the boss stormed out of the meeting, we’ve been walking on eggshells around her.”

The British slang expression cracking can be used to describe something that is excellent.

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