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It Is What It Is

Common English Phrases: It Is What It Is. Student: “I wish I could get rid of my accent. I sound so different.” Teacher: “It is what it is….

Different Ways To Say Thank You

Thank you is one of the most important phrases in the English language. It is a polite way to show appreciation and gratitude for something someone has done…

Idiom – Keep A Stiff Upper Lip

English Idiom –Stiff upper lip or Keep a stiff upper lip. Meaning – To not show your emotions when you are upset. To keep your emotions hidden or bottled…

Different Ways To Say Someone Is Pregnant

In English, there are various slang expressions and idiomatic phrases used to describe pregnancy. These expressions add colour and informality to everyday conversations among friends and family. Expecting:…

Man’s Best Friend

If you’ve spent any time with native English speakers, watched American and British TV shows, or read English books you’ll probably have come across the phrase Man’s Best…

We Need To Talk

In this article we take a look at the expression ‘We need to talk’? What does it really mean when someone uses this phrase?

Pinch Punch, It’s The First Of The Month!

Pinch punch! Find out what is said and done on the first day of each month in Great Britain. Learn how to use this interesting English phrase correctly – and how to respond!