pinch punch, it's the first of the month

Pinch punch, it’s the first of the month!

Find out what is said and done on the first day of each month in Great Britain. Learn how to use this interesting English phrase correctly – and how to respond!

present simple tense

Present Simple Tense – Daily Routine

In this English lesson we’ll take a look at how we use the present simple tense when talking about daily routines, as well as taking a quick look at adverbs of frequency.

past continuous tense

Past Continuous Tense – What Were You Doing When…?

In this English lesson we’ll take a look at how we use the past continuous tense when talking about things that we were doing in the past. What Were You Doing…


British Culture – Tea

In this article about British culture we take a look at the most popular British drink – tea! We take a look at the history of British tea and we discuss the way that British people enjoy their tea.

Touch Wood

British Culture – Touch Wood

In this article about British culture we take a look at the phrase “touch wood”. We learn why British people might feel the need to “touch wood” or “knock on wood”.

a bun in the oven

Different ways to say someone is pregnant

In English there are many slang expressions we can use to say somebody is pregnant. We can say: Expecting Carrying a child With child Preggers or Prego Pregnancy Idioms There…

past simple tense

Past Simple Tense – What Did You Do?

In this lesson we’ll take a look at how we use the past simple tense when talking about things that we have done in the past – as well as looking at adverbial phrases of time.

Man's Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

If you’ve spent any time with native English speakers, watched American and British TV shows, or read English books you’ll probably have come across the phrase Man’s Best…

The Legend of Gelert

The Legend of Gelert

Listen: A Faithful Hound The Legend of Gelert is a very famous story that has been told for hundreds of years. Beddgelert is a small village in North…

we need to talk

We need to talk

There are many phrases in English that have hidden meanings. One of these phrases is  – We need to talk. This phrase is a seemingly innocent phrase. Upon…

Fish and Chips!

British Culture – Fish and Chips

People in Great Britain love to eat! We are lucky to have a great selection of food from all over the world in our restaurants and takeaways. Fish…